My Next.js Journey

In this awesome journey of Next.js learning, I will be sharing my knowledge acquired via Next.js documentation as well as other relevant internet resources.

My primary focus of learning will be:

  1. Core Concepts of Next.js
  2. Terminologies involved in the Next.js (as well as web application development overall)
  3. Features provided by Next.js
  4. Syntax
  5. and more (will be adding as I learn)

Reference: Official Next.js Documentation


  1. JavaScript knowledge.
  2. Knowledge of TypeScript will be good to have.
  3. Knowledge or REST API
  4. Basic web development workflows knowledge.
  5. ReactJS knowledge (Next.js is framework for ReactJS so this is a must have).

I hope by following along with this information, it will help you understand the framework in more productive way.

Happy Learning and Cheers!!!